The prices provided below are for traditional sizes.  Because canvases are printed and stretchers made to order, almost any size is possible.  Need a 15”x22” or and 18”x31” print?  Not a problem.  Processing time for all sizes is the same--about four working days.

Standard Sizes

11x14                                       $75.00

12x16-18                                  $85.00

16x20-24                                $105.00

20x24-30                                $155.00

22x33 (image wrap)                $175.00

Square SIzes

12x12                                        $65.00

16x16                                        $95.00

20x20                                      $130.00

22x22 (image wrap)                 $165.00


12x24-30                                  $85.00

14x28-36                                $115.00

16x32x40                               $135.00

20x40-48                                $200.00

22x44-48 (image wrap)           $235.00


Since shipping prices vary widely based on speed, size, and number of items that can be packed together, e-mail me with a few specifics, and I’ll provide an estimated shipping quote.

Additional, larger sizes are available by special request.  Please e-mail your inquiries regarding larger sizes, and I’ll provide you with the most up-to-date prices and delivery times.